Besafe visitor E MANAGEMENT

Our new low cost cloud based Visitor E-Management , 
and Key E-Management
 allows you to 
end out customised invitationstrack Keys and parcels or other company valuables

Control and monitor your
  • Visitors
  • Contractors
  • Staff
  • Pupils
  • Patients
  • Parcels
  • Keys

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Visitors, Contractors etc

How Visitor E-Management works
  • Just email your visitor with our software
  • Visitor replies, accepts your terms, health and safety etc.
  • Visitor arrives, receptionist checks him in, prints pass
  • Staff member emailed that visitor is in reception.
  • Check visitor out
  • All recorded in the cloud
Your visitor email Invitations can include
  • Visitor procedures and regulations
  • Health and Safety conditions,
  • Your logo
  • Google map to your location
  • Videos of Products, Health and Safety regulations etc
  • Keep a record of 
    everybody visiting, on the premises
    ​ and 
    times contractors entered and left the premises

How KEY E-Management works

Keys are attached to our keyfob
Scan bunch of keys
Enter borrowers name
Scan keys on return

Software has recorded who borrowed which keys at what time and when they were returned
Details are also archived for future reference

This system is 

  • ​S​
    ​, state of the art technology​
  • ​E​
    xtremely professional, 
  • ​L​
    ow cost
  • No capital outlay
  • Up and running quickly
  • Flexible system can be customised 
  • Strong Health and Safety focus
  • ​Fire list
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps a record of your visitors

Set up for staff, visitors, contractors, pupils and patients even  
Key and parcel Tracking 

I would be delighted to demonstrate the system to you  without any obligation.

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